Room Service Tray and Trolley Retrieval with a Single Click

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Guests Hate Dirty Trays

Don't become a bad TripAdvisor review

"There were two trays across from our room and two right outside the elevator, and more along the hallway. Gross."

"We shouldn't have to call the front desk to get them to remove leftover food in a reasonable amount of time!"

"... a big dirty food cart from a guest's room service was in the hallway [...] and still remained there, 4 days later when we checked out."

One Click Tray Retrieval

Bringing modern room service convenience to your guests is a snap with TrayAway. Once a guest has completed their meal, they simply click a TrayAway device to notify hotel staff their tray is ready for retrieval. Delivery, meal completion, and do not disturb times are recorded, providing hotel staff all tray locations and activity times for stress free management. Dirty trays and trolleys cluttering the hallways are now a thing of the past with TrayAway.

The New Standard in Room Service

WiFi Enabled

Track all your room service trays and trolleys through your existing WiFi network

Intuitive Dashboard

Display tray location and status with an intuitive dashboard. Combine with a TV to create a wallboard for complete transparency across hotel staff

Instant Notifications

Alert hotel staff with instant notifications straight to their iOS phone or touch device

Workload Management

Assign specific rooms to individual team members to manage the workload and improve accountability

Performance Metrics

See average customer wait times, maximum current wait time, number of trays delivered, and more

Custom Deployments

Deploy one command center or arm everyone. Information is shared seemlessly across all iOS tablet, mobile, & touch devices

Raise Expectations, Lower Labor Costs

Upgrade your room service experience by bringing TrayAway to your hotel. No more unsanitary and unseemly room service trays cluttering your hallways. No more hotel staff wandering the halls, reducing staff productivity, and wasting expensive labor hours. With TrayAway, you enhance the quality of your room service experience and your bottom line at the same time.

  •   Impeccable hallways ensure guest satisfaction
  •   Save on expensive labor costs by eliminating manual tracking and guess work
  •   Modern hardware devices provide guests the convenience of tray retrieval with a single click
  •   Know precisely where your trays are and how long they've been in use